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Exchange and Study in Taiwan, Sharing High-quality Early Childhood Education Resources across the St

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The Taiwan Strait makes the histories of Taiwan and the Mainland connected and gives rise to different cultures and educational features. Some people said that the education systems in Taiwan and the Mainland were similar. While some people firmly stated that Taiwan heuristic education and Mainland examination system cannot be compared at all.

In order to improve Morning Star Education quality and strengthen the study and exchange between Morning Star Education Group and Taiwan Early Childhood Institutions, our delegation visited Taiwan for 8 days in August 8th, 2017.

During the trip, our delegation visited Hsin-Yi Foundation, Xizhi Zhonghou Public Nursery Care center and Nanshan Senior Middle School, deeply exchanged the ideas on kindergarten establishment, philosophy and management.

Hsin-Yi Foundation is a professional service organization promoting early childhood education and parent-child interactive education services in Taiwan. It is the pioneer in Taiwan to promote early childhood education and parents-children interactive education. Xizhi Zhonghou Nursery Center is the first public nursery center in Taiwan, which provides day nursery service for infant-toddler aging 0-2 years, as well as provides the parent-child's community service for children aging 0-6 years. Nanshan senior middle school is an innovative non-governmental schools focusing on aesthetic education. There are kindergartens on the campus, which advocate life education, intellectual education, comradeship education and culture education.

Xu Shuang, the President of Morning Star Education Group, said the facilities in Taiwan's kindergarten are not as good as Morning Stars, but they have strong cultural atmosphere and detail-oriented environment, lay emphasis on early-reading and art education and create free and opening environment for children, which are worth learning. Through this exchange, we gained a lot and hoped that both sides would continue to strengthen communication. The members of our delegation said that they expanded the horizons, increased knowledge and accumulated the experiences during the exchange.

The high quality one-stop early childhood system in Morning Star Education Group absorbs American and Canadian advanced ECE ideas and teachers, uses Chinese high quality ECE curriculums and integrates rich experiences of Nanping Experimental kindergarten. Our kindergartens are in line with international ECE and maintain Chinese ECE characteristics as well.


This exchange activity strengthened the communication between the ECE experts and frontline teachers and realized the sharing of high-quality ECE resources on the both sides of Taiwan straits. Besides, it accelerated the reform and development of Chongqing early childhood education.