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International Morning Star

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Recently, President Xu Shuang led relevant management staff to visit Canadian Consulate General in Chongqing, and met with Dr. Liao, who is the senior trade commissioner and education commissioner. Together they discussed international cooperation with Canada. 


Strengthening the ECE Cooperation 

After the cooperation with Canadian Cambrian College, Morning Star will establish cooperation relationship with Canadian St. Clair College. Morning Star teachers will be able to receive continuous professional learning at the ECE program at St. Clair College. St. Clair College will allow their undergraduate ECE students to come to Morning Star Kindergarten and Early Learning Center to do their placements, and ECE professor will come to Morning Star to deliver updated field theories and experiences. Morning Star will strive to provide the best care of our children.


The picture is the signing ceremony between Morning Star and Canadian St. Clair College

The enrichment of professional foreign teacher resources

The foreign teachers in kindergartens and early learning centers have always been a major concern for parents. Through the cooperation with Canadian Consulate General in Chongqing and Canadian school board, in the future, Morning Star will hire Canadian ECE teachers through to enrich Morning Star foreign teacher resources.


International Summer Camps

Morning Star kids will have the opportunity to be immersed in authentic English environment! In these Summer Camps, Morning Star will invite Canadian well-known ECE experts to Chongqing, or invite Morning Star kids and parents to Canada to experience North America education. Kids and parents will have fun, broaden visions and enrich experiences. Dear kids and parents, please look forward to it!


At present, international cooperation for Morning Star is in full swing. We have been committed to providing parents with the most advanced early childhood education consultation, which enables the kids to enjoy the most high quality international education at any time.