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The Delegation of Australian TRIPLE P Visit Morning Star Education Group

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Recently, Australia's Triple P delegation, Dr. Des McWilliam, Debbie Easton and Michael Liu visited the Morning Star Education Group. 



The teachers and children from Morning Star warmly welcomed the guests from afar.




The guests kindly greeted the children. The children also communicated with them with simple English Learned at school. 




The Triple P delegation spoke highly of kindergarten environment, teaching staff and education philosophy.




Both sides signed MOU. In the future, Morning Star will help parents learn simple and practical strategies in the Triple P system, to raise confident and healthy kids, to establish more stable family relationships. Help parents to solve childrens behavior issues in the rearing of the child social development, cognitive development, physical development and emotional development. 





Parents Positive Parenting course (Triple P) is the most effective and famous parents system. Concise and practical courses in the system give parents simple and practical strategies to build solid and healthy family relationships. It helps parents manage children's behavior more confidently and prevent the problems in advance.


The system was developed by Matt Sanders and his colleagues at University of Queensland. With a history of more than 35 years, the cutting-edge research project has included more than 730 experimental researches and published papers. The United Nations rated it as The World's Most Extensive Research Course. Now, this system has won many international awards at national level. At the same time, Triple P has established cooperation relationships with the following countries’ governments (education departments or health medical institutions), including Australia, Canada, British, Irish, New Zealand, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Iran, Germany, France, Sweden, Belgium, Indonesia and The Netherlands.