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Morning Star·News Professor of St. Clair College Visits Chongqing, Shares ECE Ideas with Morning St

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On May 6th, 2018, Professor Kathryn and the students from St. Clair College, Canada, attended the grand welcoming ceremony held by us, which meant that our one-month cooperation began. Dr. Peter from Consulate General of Canada in Chongqing and Ms. Rong, School Representative of St. Clair College, Canada, also attended the ceremony.



Children from Morning Star Kindergarten Yuefeng Campus opened the prologue for the ceremony with their wonderful performance.




In the warm applause from the guests, the Vice President, Mr. Yidian Liu sent our warmly welcome bilingually to the professor, the delegation and guests.

“Morning Star has been connecting the world’s best educational resources to widen horizon and cultivate innovative thinking for our kids”, he said. “In 2018, Morning Star Group will open new international cooperation programs, extend the educational and cultural exchange and cooperation and strive to make Morning Star children become world citizens with international perspectives.”




Then, Dr. Peter gave speeches about the the Canadian education advantages and status, Ms.Yan Rong introduces St. Clair College respectively.



As the guests of honor, Professor Kathryn and the students delivered the speeches and expressed their appreciation. They were looking forward to the following one month exchange program and would try their best to share their early childhood education knowledge to us. 




We believe that in the next month, they will fall in love with Chongqing and make Morning Star Chlidren enjoy their educational methods as well as Canadian culture. 




St. Clair College is located in the southernmost city of Canada---Windsor. Founded in 1966, St. Clair College is a Canadian public college recognized by the Ministry of Education of the PRC. It is one of the best community colleges in Canada that focuses on cultivating students' application ability. Its high employment rate is over 90% percent. 


Professor Kathryn is a professor of Early Childhood Education at St. Clair College, Doctorate of Education at University of Western Ontario. She has been working as a Childhood education worker for 30 years. She is responsible for developing and delivering diploma and post-diploma level courses in Early Childhood Education, supervising students while on filed practicum and working with other ECE faculty members to revise and reimagine field placement. During the period, she initiated and contributed to a variety of projects with the Early Childhood Education Department. Meanwhile, she is the member of Association of Early Childhood Educators, Canadian Child Care Federation, Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care, SpeciaLink: The National Centre for Child Care Inclusion and Council for Exceptional Children-DEC.